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Monday, 20 March 2017


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Sunday, 19 March 2017

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Friday, 10 March 2017



Sunday, 25 December 2016

successful thinking


To be a successful person, one must have a contingency plan.  Generally, we use to observe that every one of us will have a plan for that day, it involves - how to spend the day effectively, how to reach workplace safely, what type of dress to wear, how to come back home in time, what should we present in a meeting, etc.  These are all the essential things which should be completed successfully. So, what should we do?  It involves contingency planning - the fundamental meaning of the contingency is that an event that is taking place in future, and another meaning is that a provision for an unforeseen need or necessity.  

Broadly, we can understand that contingency is nothing but a way of preparing.  For each and every activity, contingency will be there.  Generally, when we are going to set a target, we use to see all the possible ways to achieve it.  All of us knowingly or unknowingly, think about the possibilities.  The thinking way is different from one another.  When we look at a successful person, his/her contingency plannings are different from a person who doesn't achieve it.  

****contingency plannings are different for different professions.****

Let us consider a software engineer, who needs to finish his project.  A software engineer should consider his given time to finish the project, he/she should consider some situations where there might a problem of power supply due to different situations, sometimes, there may be some problems in manpower where some of his team members might be absent due to their own problems. These are all the unexpected situations which might occur in his/her project work completion.  So, he/she must go for alternatives.

Let us look at a student, his/her contingency planning should go around his syllabus preparation and going to attend exams.  Never think that everything goes as we planned.  Especially students should concentrate on his health conditions so that the preparation for exams should take place daily, never postpone for tomorrow.  This habit makes him/her to attempt exams confidently.

So, these are all some of the examples to explain what is contingency planning.  It is all about the ability to find and replace alternatives for unexpected things going to take place in future.

Saturday, 24 December 2016


Definition: Verb tells us about the activity of a person or a thing, a verb expresses some action or it is also called 'doing' word

Let us learn, the verbs and their different forms

PRESENT (V1)           PAST(V2)          PAST PARTICIPLE (V3)         PRESENT (V1+-s/-es)

call                              called                   called                                         calls
ask                              asked                   asked                                        asks
cook                            cooked                cooked                                      cooks
dance                           danced                danced                                       dances
buy                               bought                bought                                        buys
live                               lived                    lived                                           lives
play                              played                 played                                        plays
do                                did                       done                                          does
draw                            drew                    drawn                                        draws
fly                                 flew                    flown                                         flies
have                             had                     had                                             has

a good reference book :

comparison of adjectives

The comparison of two things or people will took place in three different ways

1) when the two things are almost equal
2) when the two things are different
3) when we compare more than two things or people

case 1: When the two things or people are equal in some way, then we use with an adjective

case 2: When we want to say how two things or people are different from each other, we use                -er form of an adjective.

case 3: When we want to compare more than two things or persons, then we use -est form of an      adjective



CLEVER              CLEVERER                CLEVEREST
POOR                 POORER                    POOREST
DARK                 DARKER                    DARKEST
LONG                  LONGER                    LONGEST
HIGH                  HIGHER                     HIGHEST
TALL                   TALLER                      TALLEST
OLD                     OLDER                       OLDEST
BIG                     BIGGER                      BIGGEST
FAT                     FATTER                      FATTEST
HOT                    HOTTER                      HOTTEST
WET                    WETTER                      WETTEST
THIN                  THINNER                     THINNEST
BRAVE                BRAVER                       BRAVEST
LUCKY                LUCKIER                     LUCKIEST
LOVELY               LOVELIER                   LOVELIEST

the following adjectives will have more and most as prefixes

NOTE: 'THE' is used before superlative degree
            'than' is used after the comparative          degree 

 some examples.........

* a lion is bigger than a cheetah
* honey is sweeter than sugar
* a giraffe is taller than an elephant
* a swan is more beautiful than a duck
* The Ganga is the longest river in India

communicative english grammar

1. comparison of adjectives

2. verb forms

3.the subject and the predicate

4. the use of v1

5. the use of v2

6. the use of v3

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

success habits - success principles

s . u . c . c . e . s  . s .

1) supple thinking
A person showing suppleness has three different strands.  They are 1) Flexible thinking, 2) very creative, innovative, imaginative thinking 3) ready to receive positively anything.
To get success in the life, a person should have suppleness, a supple thinker, will always go for adopting new situations, faces new obstacles, and quickly adopt to new situations.  Everyday supple thinker updates his/her knowledge.  This character can be compared with roots of the plant.  Roots fed with rich nutrients, this makes to grow the plant taller and taller everyday.  This growth signs the development.  In the same way, supple thinking makes a person to update his knowledge and grow strongly with strong foundation.

The supple thinker creates his own independent platform.  He never agree ignorantly with other's opinion.  Since, whenever a person wants to become sharpen his brain, he/she should not simply accept others ideas.  The supple thinker is open to learning continuously, this helps him/her to face new situations.  To tackle new problems, always go for develop his/her knowledge by learning new things. 

Flexible thinking is necessary to become a supple thinker......

Flexible thinkers will collect various types of data to test and they are very divergent in thinking in order to solve the problems .  These people engage in simultaneous outcomes.  Flexible people will have a dimension of new thinking in order to solve a problem, moreover they go with new approach.  This helps to develop knowledge and creativity.  In the present day societies, one must be very flexible in order to work, with social diversity and we should see to recognize the importance of wholeness and distinctiveness in the sense of how other people think and recognize the problems.

In this context, we should discuss about radiant thinking, radiant thinking people can approach a problem in different approach and in a new angle, radiant thinking people will look for number of solutions for a given problem, by which they can get confident solution, this is very important for each and everyone who wish to be innovative.  These people are very strict followers of the rules and regulations of the society.  Never they violate the rules and regulations.

While solving any problem, we sometimes could not gather full needful information, in those situations also flexible thinkers will fill the gaps with their own idea and go for the solution for the problem, this is very important thing for a successful person.  This can be compared with the discoveries made by the scientists, that is the discovery is not an invention since the scientists just disclosed the things from the nature only.  In the same way, one must be aware that there is a solution for each and every problem.  To gain for one's efforts, one must maintain good relationships with the society and leverage the time.
The conclusion is flexible thinking should be developed from the classroom itself.  The students in this age will be adopted for multiple solutions and they achieve success in their lives.  Each and everyone should use mind mapping technique to have strong result oriented path. 

characteristics ........imagining, creative, innovative........

Each and everyone in the society have all the three characteristics, but these have to be disclosed to new situations and should be applied whenever need.  An ordinary person and a creative person will receive a problem in different way.   A creative person will look for alternatives for a given problem,  a creative person never mind critics and criticism. 
Creativity is different from innovative, innovative thinking involves development, selection of creative ideas,   critical thinking is essential to develop the innovative nature.   One must have critical thinking capacity in accepting or rejecting information by examining thoroughly.  

We can list out the important characteristics of a creative person, they are : always engages in finding a new problem, prefers learning continuously, never tense with ambiguity, take anything positive and playful, poses questions on problems, eager to do work and have a range of interests, prefers taking risks.

success principle.....UNDERSTANDING THE CONCEPTS

To have good understanding, one must have a capacity of understanding with good listening, collecting data from all the sources.  A person with good understanding makes less assumptions, which leads to quick result.  An intelligent behavior is one which indicates the ability of listening to to another person.  A good understanding comes from listening and making use of all the sense organs.  Anybody will have good understanding concept, when we see more instead of listening with ears, a psychological concept tells us that one can remember more when we see the things instead of just listening and doing with seeing is the most highest point of receiving data.  Listening with understanding includes a small pause while listening, and before probing one must synthesis the information.  Hence, when we wait for a while before speaking, that reveals our understanding percentage.

success principle....CONSTRUCTIVE THINKING

Success depends on perfect constructive thinking capacity, constructive thinking depends on the analysis of past knowledge on various topics, making interdependence on each and every topic.  A constructive thinker asks good questions to understand and think properly. 

success principle....THINKING COURAGEOUSLY

In the journey of achievement, one must take courageous steps, and should have big goals.  In achieving big goals, courageous thinkers take risks, and never afraid of the obstacles they face in the path of achievement.   These courageous people never look back and have patience in completing the task. 

success principle.....EXACTNESS

Many people fails in achieving their goals, this is due to the lack of exactness i.e. one must have a good clarity in their goal and do each and every work with 100% accuracy.  An accuracy gives us the clarity and clarity expresses our knowledge on each and every problem. 

success principle.....A GOOD SELF-MANAGEMENT

Management in the sense of work and time.  Unless we have the characteristic of management, never see a success.  Many people go on doing the work, but never have exactness on the time management and work management.  Managing work involves planning, preparation and projecting on our goal.  Self management depends on our self knowledge.  The self management also involves the ability of identifying our knowledge that is thinking on our thinking capacity. 

success principle.....SMILE

In reaching a goal, one must have good sense of humor, smile and humor makes taking a problem easily which decreases stress on us.  When we observe a child, child can laugh so many times more than the same child when he is grown up.  Psychologists stresses on smile to leave the stress.   When we laugh, muscle movements take place and may a sound is produced.  While solving problems, humor makes to feel oneness, each and every one gets good impression on us.  Without feeling hard, a problem can be solved quickly and easily. 
supple thinking, understanding capacity, constructive thinking, courageous thinking, focusing on exactness, time and self management, and smile/humor are very important in achieving everyone's goal.


Monday, 12 December 2016

How to make a Kaleidoscope?





Making of KALEIDOSCOPE at home easily


What is a Kaleidoscope? Kaleidoscope works on which principle?


To understand the working of Kaleidoscope, let us know the property of light i.e. reflection of light.  When a ray incident on a plane mirror, it gets reflected with the same angle, i.e. the angle of reflection is equal to the angle of incidence. When we join two plane mirrors at an angle, then the no. of images formed depends on the angle present between them.  The 360 degree angle is divided with given angle and subtracted 1 from it.  Then we get the no. of images formed by plane mirrors when they are at certain angle.

The same principle is applied in a Kaleidoscope, that is two or three plane mirrors are attached at certain angle, and one end is covered with a transparent cover and another end with a cardboard, a hole is made in the top of the cardboard to view inside it.  When we place some colorful objects inside it, then there will be multiple reflections inside it, and when we view through the hole then we feel happy due to wonderful images formed.


materials required:

1) two or three same size rectangular mirrors, 

2) tape

3)  cardboard sheet

4) transparent plastic cover 

5) glue

6) colorful objects like colored glass


Make a trangular tube containing three plane mirrors attached with plastic tape. Then, one end is covered with plastic cover, and placed some colored glass pieces inside it and cover another end with a cardboard sheet consists a small hole.

Now kaleidoscope is ready to use.  One can view from cardboard end, then we see beautiful patterns.



1) plane mirrors are at suitable angles.

2) light should pass through the cover

3) should be placed some colored glass pieces