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Saturday, 29 October 2016


1. MASS : The term Mass represents the  matter contained in a body.

2. WEIGHT: The term Weight indicates the amount of force  with which the earth pulls a body towards its center.

3. DENSITY : The mass per unit volume of a substance is called its density.

4. TRANSLATORY MOTION : The motion in which all the particles of a body move through the same distance in the same time is called translatory motion.

4 (a). CURVILINEAR MOTION : When a body moves along a curved line, the motion described by the body is called curvilinear motion.

4.(b). RECTILINEAR MOTION :  When a body moves along a straight line, the motion described by the body is rectilinear motion.

5. CIRCULAR MOTION/ROTATORY MOTION : A Motion in which a body moves about a fixed axis without changing its position is called the rotatory motion.

6. OSCILLATORY MOTION :  The to and fro or back or forth motion described by an object as a whole along the same path, without any change in the shape of the object is called oscillatory motion.

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physics is a branch of science which is especially related to measurements.  In our daily life without taking measurements, we can't do any work. For example, when we collect water bottle, we use ask the shop keeper that give me a liter or 2 liter of quantity.  When we go to a cloth store, we use to ask the shop keeper, to give us 2.5 meter length of cloth.  When we go to a railway station, we use to ask about a particular train when it arrives. 


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