Thursday, 17 November 2016


uses of plane mirror

1. Plane mirrors are used as looking glass.

2. Plane mirrors are used by barbers to show front and back side of the customer head

3. Plane mirrors are used by scouts for signalling and also for army personnel.

4. Plane mirrors are used by the opticians to provide false dimension when their place of work is very small.

5. Plane mirrors are used for providing false dimensions in displaying jewellery, show cases, wrist watches, etc. These plane mirrors are fixed such that their mirrors are opposite to each other.

6. When the plane mirrors are opposite to each one, then they form multiple images, which makes a person happy by looking multiple images.

7. Plane mirrors are also used in cooking where the solar cookers are used.

8. Plane mirrors are used in making kaleidoscope. 

uses of concave mirrors

1. concave mirrors are also used in solar cookers.

2. concave mirrors are used as a shaving mirror. The fundamental principle is when the object is in between pole of mirror and principal focus, then the image formed is virtual and erect and magnified (enlarged) image is formed, in this way the person image gets magnified.

3. Concave mirrors are also used as reflectors, generally concave mirrors are used in cars, trucks, motor bikes, in all these bikes, the bulb is placed at the principal focus of the concave reflector then a powerful parallel beam of light is formed.

4. Concave mirrors are used by doctors, especially by the doctors where we undergo examination for ear, throat, nose, teeth, etc.  We observe at dentists, these are used to see the back of the tooth by placing it behind the tooth.  Then a virtual, erect and enlarged image is formed. 

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