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How to convert potatoes as voltaic cell?



lemon/potato battery

potatoes can be used as cell or battery

As per our knowledge, a cell is an electrical device which is used to convert chemical energy into electrical energy.  Hence, when we are using a cell, initially the chemical energy is utilized to produce electricity.  In a simple electrical circuit, we use to observe, a cell, connectors, a bulb like energy utilizer, and a switch.  When we close the circuit, that is by pressing the key, the current starts flowing through the conductors and bulb starts glowing, hence the closed electrical circuit can conduct the electricity, but all the closed circuits do not have electricity flow.  That means, the battery or cell should have chemical energy.  In our daily life, only cell alone can produce chemical energy or any natural substances can produce electricity? That is our discussion.  In this experiment, we are going to take potatoes as the producers of electricity.  The meaning is potatoes are used as cells or batteries. 
The constituents of the cell are electrolyte, two electrodes anode and cathode, conductor wire, a bulb.  In a primary voltaic cell, dil. sulphuric acid is used as electrolyte, and zinc and copper plates act as electrodes.  Zinc acts as anode that is the electrons are migrated from zinc plate to copper plate through the dil. sulphuric acid solution.  Hence, copper plate acts as cathode, the potatoes acts like the solution of dil. sulphuric acid, zinc and copper plates are used for producing electricity from potatoes.
materials required:
1) 8 small potatoes, 2) 8 strips of copper and zinc 3) conductor (copper wire) 4) a bulb of 5v.
how to prepare a circuit?
In each potato, insert a zinc and copper strips, connect with wires, such that potato acts as electrolyte.  Hence, we should take care of the circuit such that it should be a closed circuit, in order to utilize the electrical energy, we should connect a bulb as energy consumer.  Use a table, to place all these materials and make visible. 
In between a bulb and wires, connect a switch to open or close the circuit.  Hence, we close the circuit by pressing the switch, current starts flowing and bulb starts glowing. 

alternative method:

one can use lemons instead of potatoes, replace the potatoes with lemons and the remaining connections are as usual.  Here, lemons are used as electrolyte. 
1) don't insert two copper strips or zinc strips in a single potato or lemon.
2) don't connect wire to copper and zinc strip in the same potato.
3) make sure a series connection of arrangement.




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