Monday, 12 December 2016

How to make a Kaleidoscope?





Making of KALEIDOSCOPE at home easily


What is a Kaleidoscope? Kaleidoscope works on which principle?


To understand the working of Kaleidoscope, let us know the property of light i.e. reflection of light.  When a ray incident on a plane mirror, it gets reflected with the same angle, i.e. the angle of reflection is equal to the angle of incidence. When we join two plane mirrors at an angle, then the no. of images formed depends on the angle present between them.  The 360 degree angle is divided with given angle and subtracted 1 from it.  Then we get the no. of images formed by plane mirrors when they are at certain angle.

The same principle is applied in a Kaleidoscope, that is two or three plane mirrors are attached at certain angle, and one end is covered with a transparent cover and another end with a cardboard, a hole is made in the top of the cardboard to view inside it.  When we place some colorful objects inside it, then there will be multiple reflections inside it, and when we view through the hole then we feel happy due to wonderful images formed.


materials required:

1) two or three same size rectangular mirrors, 

2) tape

3)  cardboard sheet

4) transparent plastic cover 

5) glue

6) colorful objects like colored glass


Make a triangular tube containing three plane mirrors attached with plastic tape. Then, one end is covered with plastic cover, and placed some coloured glass pieces inside it and cover another end with a cardboard sheet consists a small hole.

Now kaleidoscope is ready to use.  One can view from cardboard end, then we see beautiful patterns.



1) plane mirrors are at suitable angles.

2) light should pass through the cover

3) should be placed some colored glass pieces



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  1. I have always been mesmerized by kaleidoscopes but never was lucky enough to find them anywhere. thank you so much for posting this.