Saturday, 10 December 2016

making a clinometer


How to make a clinometer?






Generally, we use to measure an angle with the help of a protractor.  But, the protractor alone can't be used for measuring the height of building or a tree or a tower.  By using a clinometer, one can measure the height of any building or height of a tower, or height of a tower.  The clinometer is basically used by surveyors and engineers belongs to civil branch.  The clinometer consists of a weight attached to a piece of string hangs from the sighting device.  When the clinometer is tilted upward to view the top of the building, the string moves across a protractor like face and indicates the angle of inclination.  

construction of a clinometer:

materials required: 1 protractor, a piece of thread, 1 nail of length about 2.5 cm (for weight),

working procedure: Make a tiny hole at the center of the base line on the protractor, pass the taken thread through the hole, tie one end of the thread with nail, and another end should tie a knot in one end.  The angle shown by the nail is 90 degree when the protractor is held with its straight edge horizontal and upside. Now the clinometer is ready which can be used for measuring the height of a building or a tree.

How to find the heights?

step 1: Measure the distance from the place where you stand to the base of the building

step 2: To find the height of the building, You look along the top edge of the clinometer, focus to top of the building, allow the thread to move freely around the scale of the protractor.

step 3: The angle shown by the nail is equal to the angle which the building makes the horizon.

step 4: By using the formula, h=dtan(angle), by taking the value of the angle, and distance between you and the building, multiplying the tangent degree and distance, one can find the height of the building or a tower.


1. take the angle properly.

2. distance should be measured accurately.

3. one can use a stand to fix the clinometer.


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