Saturday, 10 December 2016

making crystals

How to make crystals of a solution?



 One can identify that there is a definite shape to any crystal.  In this experiment, we can prepare a crystalline form of sodium chloride, copper sulphate or sodium nitrate or nickel sulphate. In any of the crystalline preparation, we should prepare a saturated solution.


materials required:  

 1) distilled water

2) plate

3) thread

4) a beaker of 200 ml

5) a glass rod


 Let us consider that we are going to prepare copper sulphate crystals, for that take some copper sulphate powder and mix it with hot water about 50 ml.  Make it a saturated solution, by stirring thoroughly with glass rod.  

Take the saturated solution of little quantity into a plate, and wait for certain time, till small crystals formed in the plate.  Using a thread, tie a fine crystal from it, and keep in the copper sulphate solution.   Wait for several days till the water gets evaporated from the beaker, we are going to observe that the seed crystal becomes larger crystal.




1) don't disturb the solution 

2) wait for required time till crystal is formed.

3) stir the solution to make saturated solution


note: try to prepare some more crystallline structures of NaCl, etc. 




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