Tuesday, 5 September 2017


What is an augmented reality software in mobile phones?

AR Core technology can do several things, for example it can track location of a phone and the direction in which it is facing, it can be achieved by using the camera and sensors.  Generally, we use to call the same app as AR Core in Android phones and AR Kit is used for iOS.  Generally, AR Core is a developer tool, which helps completely reality experience.

AR Core primarily concentrates main importantly on three areas: 1) motion tracking 2) understanding the environment 3) estimating the light.

For example, when we are playing games, real world pictures can't be inserted and merged with virtual pictures.  Virtual objects are directly linked with real world objects and one can feel that the virtual objects are really present there, Suppse, if we have a table, we take a photograph of it, and all the virtual objects can be supposed to be placed on it, when we observe these combinations, we feel that the table consists of all the things,

The environmental understanding feature enables that there is a physical connection between virtual objects and real world.  The motion tracking feature makes to interact with virtual things. The estimating light feature allows to feel a realistic looking objects, there is an adjustment between the real world environment lighting and virtual things.


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