Friday, 1 September 2017

CHILDREN'S DAY - speech / childrens day speech


It is very happy to present children's day speech, here you are going to get different types of children's day speeches for easy understanding and can reproduce easily.  Children are the building blocks of the nation.  Every child is a valuable person.

children's day speech for juniors and high school students

       Good morning one and all, I am in class 4, all you know that this day is our children's day.  On this day, each of us celebrate the birth anniversary of Sri Jawaharlal Nehru, who is the first prime minister of Independent India, that is 14th November.   Let me present about the importance of children, whenever we see a small child, we feel happy because of innocence of the child.  When we are in childhood, we don't know the anything other than the love of the parents.  Childhood is a life of enjoyment and happiness.  Children can concentrate easily on studies and can set a bigger goal,  as children growing, he/she is influenced by the society, society is a group of people, who can disturb the child life.  But, the teachers and parents should look at the behavior of children and make children a better citizen.

      The reason for celebrating the birth anniversary of Sri Nehru as children's day is because of Nehru's huge affection, love towards the children.  Nehru is also named Chacha Nehru.  On this day, each and every place filled with joy, fun and frolic activities.  Children play, sing and participate in different competitive activities such as speeches and essay writings on the various stages of Sri Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.  Nehru is also a freedom fighter who fought for Nation along with great people like Gandhi, Tilak, Patel, etc.,   Nehru always think that the nation's development depends on the children's achievements and development.  Nehru also suggests children to take good and healthy food, and wants to see the smiles on the faces of the children.  Children never be abused by any one in the society.  The negative atmosphere make children to develop negative mind.  Negative mind leads to destruction of the society.  Children should be guided by all elders to show a good path. 

    Children's day focusses on the fundamental rights and reminds every one to identify the importance of the children.  I request you all on this day to see that each one of us should get love and affection, should get healthy food, good clothes.  One must pay hearty tribute to Nehru since he never be selfish, nature of positive thinking, and always encouragement to the children.  I remind once again that because of his great love for children he is called as Chacha Nehru.  I request you all the children to promise not to be influenced by drugs, alcohol, violence, etc., and assure you that you would be in good position in your life and make happy your parents and helps in strengthening the nation. 

   I am thankful to you all for giving me this opportunity to deliver a few words on Children's day.  Thanking you one and all.


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