Sunday, 3 September 2017

how to reduce weight? / How to lose weight?


To reduce your weight, first of all reduce your weight gain.....that is, what we are consuming itself the reason for weight gain.  Here are some of the tips to lose your weight.

1. water...water..water:  Every day one should consume the water, water cleans the toxins from the body in the form of urine.  At least should check whether consuming 4 litre of water daily.

2. Every day in the morning with empty stomach, consume lemon, honey with hot water.  Daily following this method, makes quickly to reduce the weight.

3. Have daily green tea, instead of regular coffee or tea, which reduce the problem of constipation. It is a low calorie diet.

4. Every day one should see that whether consuming protein 1gm/1 kg of weight or not.  Protein converts loose fat into muscles. 

5. Daily diet menu should consists of Fiber food, fiber makes us not to feel hungry.  And moreover, fiber delays the absorption of glucose in blood.

6. At least exercise for 30 minutes, one may choose, walking, or yoga, or aerobics, which makes our body free from fat.

7. In the evenings, at 6 o' clock, we feel hungry, at that time, instead of taking junk food, have chapathi.  Junk foods are very dangerous to health.

8. Generally, we use to go offices or work, without taking breakfast.  It is not good sign, every day one must have breakfast along with other two meals.

9. Whenever we go to market, buy some fruits and vegetables, containing more water.  The fruits contain fiber.

10.  Never decrease your sleeping hours, at least elder people sleep for 5 hours, and proper time table should be maintained.


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