Wednesday, 6 September 2017

mobile phone problems - Android version


In the market, we have different types of mobile phones, when we purchase a smart phone, we don't think about future problems, just we buy and enjoy the phones, but some of the basic problems can be solved by ourselves, go through the following section and find out your problem and rectify yourself.

1. speed of the phone is very slow:

       In your phone, find whether a large number of apps installed or not and look at the memory space of the downloaded files.  To avoid running slowly, better to uninstall the applications which are not useful and clear some bigger files which occupy memory.

2. Problem with Wi-Fi connection:

        Though we activated Wi-Fi, sometimes it does not allow to use internet.  For this, just restart your phone enable Wi-Fi router.

3. Battery drain :

         Generally to avoid this problem, we should decrease the brightness of the phone and see that the whether enabled battery mode in saving mode.

4.Toggle off the contact option:

         Go to the settings, account and google, then toggle off the contact option.

5, Out of memory problem:

         To rectify this problem, delete some apps or uninstall some apps, or move the apps to SD Card.  You can use Cache Cleaner or Clean Master to clean the cache for particular applications.

6. Removing the apps from your phone

        To uninstall any application from your phone, goto settings>applications>manage applications then select the application you wish to uninstall.

7. my kid placed the phone in water:

          Whenever your phone dropped in the water, immediately you must remove the battery and all other parts they can be taken out and allow them for drying.  At least 2 to 4 days, don't replace in the phone.

8. How to increase the text size in my phone

           There is a 'set text size' option in message settings, and then increase the size of the text to be displayed.

9. How to stop viruses from attacking?

            We should download AVG anti-virus applications.

10. Keyboard problems:

            In most of the android phones, this problem may arise, some of the letters do not display and sometimes, keyboard itself doesn't work, to avoid it, download Google keyboard and use as usual.

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