Saturday, 9 September 2017


ABOUT iPHONE and its problems and solutions.

iPhone is a mobile which is very specialised among all other mobile phones.  iPhone is designed by Apple Inc. and the same Apple Inc. also markets the iphones.  In the year 2007, the first iPhone was launched, this iPhone uses the iOS mobile operating system.  The weight of the phone is gradually increased from 135 g to 188g which is the weight of latest 7 plus. There are so many features in iPhone, for example, the battery of the phone is very special type, even if we charge over 100% also nothing happens, and the rate of charging will slow down, when it about to reach 100%, this is a big advantage. 

1. How can we GPS to work?

check in settings, privacy, location services, this location services should be toggled on at the top.

2. What to do if the display is unresponsive?

Initially you switch it OFF and then ON, then check once. If not, delete some unwanted apps.

3. What is the problem for not receiving and sending iMessages?

Just check to whom you are sending is not in Block list, and you can also do like turn iMessage off and then ON it and check.

4. What to do if I forget my passcode or enter wrong passcode?

Generally, iPhone allows only 6 trials, then the phone will be blocked.  If you forget your passcode, initially, take the backup and delete all and you can recover using iTunes. 

5. Not to see enlarged icons or images, what to do?

This makes to fill completely the screen, to avoid this problem, goto settings, general, accessibility then choose zoom off.

6. Can I use another charger to charge iPhone?

No, you should use only the charger that came with your iPhone.


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