Sunday, 3 September 2017

movie reviews

1. Anando Brahma:

          This movie is directed  by Mahi V Raghav, he gets full credit for this film.  The main hero of this film is only the script and screenplay.  It is a story of completely a horror type, and researching on whether ghosts are present in a haunted house or not.  First half of the film is mainly narrating the actors, and second half mainly goes with full of humor.  All the actors are acted at their level best.  Mahi V Raghav has showed his talent as a director.  He is cautious on the mentality of the audience.  Hence, he never went wrong. 

        In the film, Rajeev Kanakala (ram) supposed to be hero, he is an NRI, came to India, he wants to dispose of his home, and wants to get some money.  But, there is a rumor that the house is haunted, and no one is showing interest in purchasing the home, that is why he didn't get price for it.   The supporting actors are srinivasa reddy, vennela Kishore, shakalaka Shankar, thagubothu Ramesh, these four are fully in need of money. These four are approached ram (Rajeev) and urged that they want to prove that the haunted house have any ghosts but, for that they want money.  The next part should be watched in theatres. 


           It is a picture of Akshay kumar, since he selected a film on social issues.  This picture reveals everyone that there is a probability in selecting stories on social issues.  This picture completely tells about the mindset on the toilets and their thinking on toilets.  First half of the movie is completely comedy base and everyone must watch the film since it is based on social issues.  The director of the picture gets full marks in selecting the theme.

3. NINNU KORI (Telugu movie)

          Ninnu kori is very successful picture in which the lead cast - Nani, Nivetha Thomas.  This picture has a phenomenal response from the audience. The writer of the film is kona venkat, when contacted with Sanjay, who is interested to start the picture in Bollywood. 


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