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speech on teacher's day - Radhakrishnan Birthday / teachers day


In this post, each student can access a variety of speeches on teacher's day.  Especially, the students can understand the following speeches at their own speed and can reproduce easily without elders support.  Every student can show their respects on the teachers using the following speeches.

students speech - teacher's day ...(simple speech)

        It is very auspicious day to deliver a few words on teacher's day.  Respected principal, teachers and my beloved friends, as we all know the reason of gathering, that is today is the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishanan, who is the first Vice President of Indian Republic.  It is my honor to deliver speech on a great person, first I would like to say thanks to my teachers for giving me this opportunity.  We all celebrate the day every year as Teacher's day.  Each teacher can mould the students to become a good citizen of India.  Parents believe that the character of the students is in the hands of a teacher, that is why the maximum time is spent at the teachers.  One must pay respect to one's teachers. 

    Parents give birth, but the teachers give life to the students.  Each and every teacher think any student as a better citizen of the nation.  The success of the students depend on the teachers.  Since each and every student assume their teachers as their role models.  Our teachers think about students bright future.  One must not ignore any teacher in their life.  Teachers are nothing but good philosophers, motivators, mentors, etc., One can follow their teacher's principles and stood as the best citizen to the Nation.

      A teacher is a center of knowledge resources where students gain knowledge.  There is a great place to teachers after their parents.  A student travel with different teachers in the journey of education.  All the students get inspired by their teachers.  Our elders are in present good position because of their teachers.  I can say T....Technical, E...enthusiastic, A...admire, C...cleverly, H...Hopefully, E....educated, R...reliable....In this way each letter has a power. 

     I am thankful to all of you to express on my teachers.

students speech - teacher's day ...(higher standard speech)

      Respected principal, teachers and my dear friends, I am very hapy to say the reason for gathering on this auspicious day, that is the birth anniversary of our beloved Sri sarvepalli Radhakrishana, who was a great scholar, teacher and the Vice president of Indian Republic.  Let me introduce my self, I am a student of this school studying under the guidance of valuable persons they are none other than our beloved teachers.  Each student gets a perfect shape,  with the vision of their teachers.  Teachers are the visionaries of the nation.  Every teacher feels happy when a student gets good life in the future.  Nothing is given back from the students except the respect.  Nothing is expected by the teachers.  On this day, I want to express my gratitude towards the teachers. 

      In the society, we can observe different people with different professions, but at one time, each of these persons is a student of the teacher.  In this way, we can a teacher can mould any one in a different manner useful to the society.  One must need good education in any field, the good education is produced by a good teacher. 

      Each and every teacher in the class thinks that each of the students should grasp his subject properly and gain knowledge.  He never shows any partiality any of the student.  Teacher's encouragement itself the success of the students. 

     On this day, we pay honor to the teachers since teachers scarify their lives to the society by imparting their knowledge to the society and students. The teacher's day is celebrated all over the world to show the respect to the teachers.  On this day, each and every one express their gratitude towards the teachers and recall the importance of the teachers to the society. 

    The society is peaceful and structured due to the teachers only.  In all our class room teachings, teachers teach not only the subject, but also they teach how to survive in the society and how to tackle any new problem arises to us in the society.  They develop the confidence, develop attitude, and shape us a better citizen of the Nation. 

    I would like to assure you that I would become a good teacher in the future.  Thanking you one and all.

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  1. After reading the whole article I remember when the first time I wrote an essay on teachers day. That was very tough for me because I never did this before and suddenly my teacher told me to do this. Next day my teacher was very happy with my performance. He always motivated me. These days, I am helping my brother's children to write essays.