Sunday, 17 September 2017

What is cholestrol - How to reduce naturally

Concept on Cholesterol :

Where do we find the cholesterol in our body? Can you imagine, where it is found? What are the effects of Cholesterol raise in blood? When do we say cholesterol as Plaque?  Cholesterol occurs in all parts of the body, cholesterol is a waxy and fat like substance.  There is necessity of cholesterol to work properly.  But, when the cholesterol levels increased in bloody, then plaque is formed by combining with other type of materials in our body, plaque narrows the arteries, some times, plaque acts as block to the blood flow.  A small part of our body is called a cell.  These cells are built using the cholesterol.  How can a body contain cholesterol?  Larger organ liver makes required cholesterol for entire body, then how can cholesterol levels increased in our body?  Cholesterol levels are increased by over production of cholesterol by liver.  This is due to consumption of cholesterol contain foods, they are meat, chicken, etc., these are the productions of saturated and trans fat.  Who carries the cholesterol to all cells? The carriers are lipids and proteins.  Generally, they are called lipoproteins.  How many types of lipoproteins are there?  LDL and HDL.  The reasons for the formation of plaque in arteries is LDL.  This lipoprotein is called bad cholesterol.  The levels of LDL if it is high, it causes heart attack.  Why HDL is called good cholesterol?  HDL cleans the bad cholesterol, it returns the cholesterol to liver.  


What should we do to reduce bad cholesterol or increase good cholesterol?

First and important thing is changing our life style by taking good foods and starting an exercise program.  Essential thing is adding good and super foods in our diet menu.  One should consume soya products, these reduce cholesterol, at least one has to consume 1g/body weight kg.  Our daily diet should have at least one nut related food item.  Other foods are oats and barley along with fruits and vegetables.  We should see that the saturated food products should be avoided.  

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