Wednesday, 22 November 2017

LibfreOffice Calc

Getting started with LibreOffice Calc

What is LibreOffice Calc?  Calc is the spreadsheet component of LibreOffice, generally we use data which is entered in a spreadsheet and then it can be manipulated, to produce required results.  In LibreOffice Calc, one can use different Functions to perform mathematical based calculations, the main advantage of it is, we can convert calc file into different types of files like HTML, pdf, etc.
Calc consists of spreadsheets, each spreadsheet is divided into various individual sheets, each sheet consists of cells.  To identify a cell, we should take its row number and column letter.  Each sheet consists of rows and columns.
parts of the Calc:

1) title bar:  The name of the current spreadsheet.  If it is a new spreadsheet, the name would be untitled X. 
2) Menu bar:  It is after the title bar, sub menus will appear in a menu, when we click on it.  The menu bar menus are...File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools, Data, Window, Help, ..
3) tool bar:


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