Wednesday, 6 February 2019


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1. Predict, Which mirror is used as rear view mirror ? 

2. What is the unit of the power of the lens? Define one dioptre.

3. Suppose that a person is using a concave mirror for shaving, Where should he place his face in front of the mirror?

4. Explain the refraction of light at plane surface and curved surface? When a ray of light passes from a denser medium to rarer medium which angle is greater ? Explain.

5. Guess to get always an erect and diminished image, which mirror should be used whether convex mirror or concave mirror ? Why?

6. Suppose your friend is using a lens with power is -1D, What does it denote?

7. When you are using a spherical mirror, the magnification produced by a mirror is -2, +2, Explain the characteristics of the mirror.

8. Predict, the path of the reflected ray, when a ray of light is incident on a concave mirror along its principal axis and find the angle of reflection.

. 9.Which mirror and lens makes the  paper to catch fire when focused to sunlight?


1. Give a few examples for acids and bases.

2. Write the properties of acids and bases

3. What are the indicators used to test whether a substance is acid 
or a base?

4. What are the materials required to understand the reaction between acids,bases and metals?

5. Write the observations from the experiment - reaction of acids with carbonates?

6. List out the salts and their formulas

7. How many types of salts are there

8. What do you understand from the reactions between metal oxides and acids ? 

9. Predict the result when non-metal oxides reacted with bases.

10. Write the importance of pH value in your daily life

11. When do you say a process is chloro-alkali process?

12. How can you say that a wet blue litmus paper is used to test the acidic property instead of a dry litmus paper?


1. What is the difference between skeltal chemical equation and balanced chemical equation?

2. Give an example for precipitation reaction and double displacement reaction.

3. Understand the following chemical equation and identify X and Y.

                  X + Barium Chloride -----> Y + Sodium Chloride

4. If the products in a chemical equaion are Mn and Al2O3, then predict the reactants in that equation.

5. If the reactants are Carbon dioxide and Water, then guess the products and balance the chemical equation.

6. Balance the chemical equation when Pb(NO3)2 (aq) reacted with KI (aq).


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