1) How to signup Facebook account? / How do I create Facebook account?

* Go to website

* Enter your full name and date of birth

* Enter your mobile.....

* If you want to sign up with email...use an email

* Select your gender

* To sign up need to select a password

* then click on sign up

NOTE : One has to confirm email or mobile number to finish your account.....

2) How to reset your password, before logged in ?

* After entering email or phone number, tap on FORGOT PASSWORD.... then follow the instructions ....

3) How to change your password 
after logged in ?

* click on three line symbol, then you go down by scrolling, tap on 'settings', then click security and login ......

* click on change password....then enter your present (current) password and new password to be changed, then click on 'save changes'...

* you are ready with new password.....


4) What are the advantage of facebook page ?

Facebook page helps to own place, your stories, events can be customized.  One can follow your facebook page to know about your updates.  If we have facebook page, we can share our personal information, by which every one has the chance to know about you.

5) How to create facebook page?

* tap on three lines at the corner, then tap on create new page in the pages section, then click on get started.....

6) How to create or make a second face book account?

* Use your second email address, and go to face book home page, 

fill all the required fields, by confirming your email, or mobile, you can use your second account.

7) How to delete facebook account ?

* after log in, click on account menu, then select settings, then select general, and then click on manage your account, then go for 'deactivate account'. then you follow the instructions to confirm.

8) Can I cancel account deletion ?
* Yes, one can cancel account deletion within 30 days, initially log in to facebook account and click on cancel deletion.

9) How to download facebook videos ?
* After log in to facebook account....

* right click on your required video and you get option, 'copy video URL at current time'.

* then goto, paste the URL, THEN CLICK 'download normal/HD quality video'


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