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Tuesday, 5 September 2017


What is an augmented reality software in mobile phones?

AR Core technology can do several things, for example it can track location of a phone and the direction in which it is facing, it can be achieved by using the camera and sensors.  Generally, we use to call the same app as AR Core in Android phones and AR Kit is used for iOS.  Generally, AR Core is a developer tool, which helps completely reality experience.

AR Core primarily concentrates main importantly on three areas: 1) motion tracking 2) understanding the environment 3) estimating the light.

For example, when we are playing games, real world pictures can't be inserted and merged with virtual pictures.  Virtual objects are directly linked with real world objects and one can feel that the virtual objects are really present there, Suppse, if we have a table, we take a photograph of it, and all the virtual objects can be supposed to be placed on it, when we observe these combinations, we feel that the table consists of all the things,

The environmental understanding feature enables that there is a physical connection between virtual objects and real world.  The motion tracking feature makes to interact with virtual things. The estimating light feature allows to feel a realistic looking objects, there is an adjustment between the real world environment lighting and virtual things.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

how to reduce weight? / How to lose weight?


To reduce your weight, first of all reduce your weight gain.....that is, what we are consuming itself the reason for weight gain.  Here are some of the tips to lose your weight.

1. water...water..water:  Every day one should consume the water, water cleans the toxins from the body in the form of urine.  At least should check whether consuming 4 litre of water daily.

2. Every day in the morning with empty stomach, consume lemon, honey with hot water.  Daily following this method, makes quickly to reduce the weight.

3. Have daily green tea, instead of regular coffee or tea, which reduce the problem of constipation. It is a low calorie diet.

4. Every day one should see that whether consuming protein 1gm/1 kg of weight or not.  Protein converts loose fat into muscles. 

5. Daily diet menu should consists of Fiber food, fiber makes us not to feel hungry.  And moreover, fiber delays the absorption of glucose in blood.

6. At least exercise for 30 minutes, one may choose, walking, or yoga, or aerobics, which makes our body free from fat.

7. In the evenings, at 6 o' clock, we feel hungry, at that time, instead of taking junk food, have chapathi.  Junk foods are very dangerous to health.

8. Generally, we use to go offices or work, without taking breakfast.  It is not good sign, every day one must have breakfast along with other two meals.

9. Whenever we go to market, buy some fruits and vegetables, containing more water.  The fruits contain fiber.

10.  Never decrease your sleeping hours, at least elder people sleep for 5 hours, and proper time table should be maintained.

movie reviews

1. Anando Brahma:

          This movie is directed  by Mahi V Raghav, he gets full credit for this film.  The main hero of this film is only the script and screenplay.  It is a story of completely a horror type, and researching on whether ghosts are present in a haunted house or not.  First half of the film is mainly narrating the actors, and second half mainly goes with full of humor.  All the actors are acted at their level best.  Mahi V Raghav has showed his talent as a director.  He is cautious on the mentality of the audience.  Hence, he never went wrong. 

        In the film, Rajeev Kanakala (ram) supposed to be hero, he is an NRI, came to India, he wants to dispose of his home, and wants to get some money.  But, there is a rumor that the house is haunted, and no one is showing interest in purchasing the home, that is why he didn't get price for it.   The supporting actors are srinivasa reddy, vennela Kishore, shakalaka Shankar, thagubothu Ramesh, these four are fully in need of money. These four are approached ram (Rajeev) and urged that they want to prove that the haunted house have any ghosts but, for that they want money.  The next part should be watched in theatres. 


           It is a picture of Akshay kumar, since he selected a film on social issues.  This picture reveals everyone that there is a probability in selecting stories on social issues.  This picture completely tells about the mindset on the toilets and their thinking on toilets.  First half of the movie is completely comedy base and everyone must watch the film since it is based on social issues.  The director of the picture gets full marks in selecting the theme.

3. NINNU KORI (Telugu movie)

          Ninnu kori is very successful picture in which the lead cast - Nani, Nivetha Thomas.  This picture has a phenomenal response from the audience. The writer of the film is kona venkat, when contacted with Sanjay, who is interested to start the picture in Bollywood. 

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Friday, 1 September 2017

CHILDREN'S DAY - speech / childrens day speech


It is very happy to present children's day speech, here you are going to get different types of children's day speeches for easy understanding and can reproduce easily.  Children are the building blocks of the nation.  Every child is a valuable person.

children's day speech for juniors and high school students

       Good morning one and all, I am in class 4, all you know that this day is our children's day.  On this day, each of us celebrate the birth anniversary of Sri Jawaharlal Nehru, who is the first prime minister of Independent India, that is 14th November.   Let me present about the importance of children, whenever we see a small child, we feel happy because of innocence of the child.  When we are in childhood, we don't know the anything other than the love of the parents.  Childhood is a life of enjoyment and happiness.  Children can concentrate easily on studies and can set a bigger goal,  as children growing, he/she is influenced by the society, society is a group of people, who can disturb the child life.  But, the teachers and parents should look at the behavior of children and make children a better citizen.

      The reason for celebrating the birth anniversary of Sri Nehru as children's day is because of Nehru's huge affection, love towards the children.  Nehru is also named Chacha Nehru.  On this day, each and every place filled with joy, fun and frolic activities.  Children play, sing and participate in different competitive activities such as speeches and essay writings on the various stages of Sri Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.  Nehru is also a freedom fighter who fought for Nation along with great people like Gandhi, Tilak, Patel, etc.,   Nehru always think that the nation's development depends on the children's achievements and development.  Nehru also suggests children to take good and healthy food, and wants to see the smiles on the faces of the children.  Children never be abused by any one in the society.  The negative atmosphere make children to develop negative mind.  Negative mind leads to destruction of the society.  Children should be guided by all elders to show a good path. 

    Children's day focusses on the fundamental rights and reminds every one to identify the importance of the children.  I request you all on this day to see that each one of us should get love and affection, should get healthy food, good clothes.  One must pay hearty tribute to Nehru since he never be selfish, nature of positive thinking, and always encouragement to the children.  I remind once again that because of his great love for children he is called as Chacha Nehru.  I request you all the children to promise not to be influenced by drugs, alcohol, violence, etc., and assure you that you would be in good position in your life and make happy your parents and helps in strengthening the nation. 

   I am thankful to you all for giving me this opportunity to deliver a few words on Children's day.  Thanking you one and all.

speech on teacher's day - Radhakrishnan Birthday / teachers day


In this post, each student can access a variety of speeches on teacher's day.  Especially, the students can understand the following speeches at their own speed and can reproduce easily without elders support.  Every student can show their respects on the teachers using the following speeches.

students speech - teacher's day ...(simple speech)

        It is very auspicious day to deliver a few words on teacher's day.  Respected principal, teachers and my beloved friends, as we all know the reason of gathering, that is today is the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishanan, who is the first Vice President of Indian Republic.  It is my honor to deliver speech on a great person, first I would like to say thanks to my teachers for giving me this opportunity.  We all celebrate the day every year as Teacher's day.  Each teacher can mould the students to become a good citizen of India.  Parents believe that the character of the students is in the hands of a teacher, that is why the maximum time is spent at the teachers.  One must pay respect to one's teachers. 

    Parents give birth, but the teachers give life to the students.  Each and every teacher think any student as a better citizen of the nation.  The success of the students depend on the teachers.  Since each and every student assume their teachers as their role models.  Our teachers think about students bright future.  One must not ignore any teacher in their life.  Teachers are nothing but good philosophers, motivators, mentors, etc., One can follow their teacher's principles and stood as the best citizen to the Nation.

      A teacher is a center of knowledge resources where students gain knowledge.  There is a great place to teachers after their parents.  A student travel with different teachers in the journey of education.  All the students get inspired by their teachers.  Our elders are in present good position because of their teachers.  I can say T....Technical, E...enthusiastic, A...admire, C...cleverly, H...Hopefully, E....educated, R...reliable....In this way each letter has a power. 

     I am thankful to all of you to express on my teachers.

students speech - teacher's day ...(higher standard speech)

      Respected principal, teachers and my dear friends, I am very hapy to say the reason for gathering on this auspicious day, that is the birth anniversary of our beloved Sri sarvepalli Radhakrishana, who was a great scholar, teacher and the Vice president of Indian Republic.  Let me introduce my self, I am a student of this school studying under the guidance of valuable persons they are none other than our beloved teachers.  Each student gets a perfect shape,  with the vision of their teachers.  Teachers are the visionaries of the nation.  Every teacher feels happy when a student gets good life in the future.  Nothing is given back from the students except the respect.  Nothing is expected by the teachers.  On this day, I want to express my gratitude towards the teachers. 

      In the society, we can observe different people with different professions, but at one time, each of these persons is a student of the teacher.  In this way, we can a teacher can mould any one in a different manner useful to the society.  One must need good education in any field, the good education is produced by a good teacher. 

      Each and every teacher in the class thinks that each of the students should grasp his subject properly and gain knowledge.  He never shows any partiality any of the student.  Teacher's encouragement itself the success of the students. 

     On this day, we pay honor to the teachers since teachers scarify their lives to the society by imparting their knowledge to the society and students. The teacher's day is celebrated all over the world to show the respect to the teachers.  On this day, each and every one express their gratitude towards the teachers and recall the importance of the teachers to the society. 

    The society is peaceful and structured due to the teachers only.  In all our class room teachings, teachers teach not only the subject, but also they teach how to survive in the society and how to tackle any new problem arises to us in the society.  They develop the confidence, develop attitude, and shape us a better citizen of the Nation. 

    I would like to assure you that I would become a good teacher in the future.  Thanking you one and all.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

simple microscope


                   Dissecting microscope is another name for simple microscope.  It is very important laboratory equipment, it is often used in biology experiments.  While we are using simple microscope, one should follow these precautions.

1. When we are taking out the microscope for the experiment from its case, one should use both hands 

2. Proper maintenance should be taken that is this microscope should be kept in case when not in use.

3. There are two mirrors used in it, one is plane mirror and it is used for natural day light and another mirror concave mirror for artificial light.

Different parts of the microscope:

- Basal iron foot

- for holding the eye piece a short limb is used, for focussing an adjustment screw is used

- to keep the slide, there is a glass stage.

- Plano-concave mirror is used for light adjustment.


             Main aim of the apparatus is to view the object to be examined, clearly.  Take the object or material to be examined on the glass stage, add a drop of glycerin, cover with a cover slip, adjust the mirror for light and then view the object or material through eye piece. 

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

types of eye defects



                    Light is the primary source of vision.  When light incidents on any object, it gets reflected into our eye, then the sensation of vision takes place by human brain.  The light rays coming from the object forms image on our retina, it is inverted one.  But, the brain makes us to see erected form.

General questions while observing any object.......

Q1. How do we see an object?

Q2. What is the least distance of distinct vision?

Q3. What is the angle of vision?

Q4. When do we feel the object or the text, is not visible properly?

Q5. How many types of defects are there?

Q6. What is the construction of eye?

Q7. Is there any lens present in our eye?

Q8. Which is supposed as a screen in our eye?

Q9. How the light rays get refracted into our eye?

Q10. Explain clearly the defect arises with our age?

Activity 1: Let us take a textbook, and make the book very close to our eyes, then think whether the text is visible properly or not.   Move the book a little distance and observe the letters in book, then as the distance is increased the visibility is increased.  The minimum distance where we can read the text clearly, is called 'the least distance of distinct vision'.  It is approximately 25cm.  This distance may be less in younger children.

Activity 2: Imagine that an aeroplane is flying in air.  How do we think the size of the aeroplane.  It appears very small, as the distance from us is increased.  The reason is that the angle made with our eye is very small, the angle made by the two rays coming from the aeroplane.  In this way, we can understand that when the angle made with our eye is more than 60 degree, then we can't see an object completely.  When this angle is smaller than 60 degee, then we can see completely.  This angle is called angle of vision.

Activity 3: The people who are unable to see the objects which are very nearer or who can see the distant objects is called the eye defect hypermetropia or hyperopia.  In this case, the rays coming from nearer objects are focussed beyond the retina.  To minimise this defect or eradicate it, we need a biconvex lens.  The lens makes all the rays to concentrate on retina.

Activity 4: The people who are unable to see the objects which are very distant or who can see nearer objects, then the defect is called myopia.  In this case, the rays coming from the distant objects can be focussed before the retina.  To correct it, we must use biconcave lens in our spectacles.  The lens makes to focus on retina.

Friday, 21 July 2017


Mirror can reflect the light due to its non transparency property...the surface where light reflects is called reflecting surface.
1. Plane mirrors
2. Spherical mirrors

principles of reflection:
1. The angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection

2. Incident ray, reflected ray and Normal lie in the same plane. They are coplanar. 

Sunday, 16 April 2017

types of objects and images


Ray optics primarily deals with determining the position and nature of the image formed when an object is placed in front of an optical element.


An object is a source of light rays that are incident on an optical element.  An object may be a point or an extended object.  Since extended objects can be modeled as a collection of points, we only need to study point objects.


An object is real if two or more incident rays actually emanate or seen to emanate from a point.  The object is actually present.  Hence it is called a real object.


An object is said to be virtual when two incident rays seem to converge to that point.


An image is the point of convergence or apparent point of divergence of rays after they interact with a given optical element.  An object provides rays that will be incident on an optical element.  The optical element reflects or refracts the incident light rays which then meet at a point to form an image.


Real images are formed when the reflected or refracted rays actually meet or converge to a point.  A real object can be captured on a screen.

When light rays, after interacting with the optical element, do not meet at a point but appear to emanate from a point, then the virtual images are formed.